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TF Boys, Yixia Technology and Cardress


We are here honor to announce that TF boys the most popular teenage idol in China wore cardress G3 badge holder attended Yixia Technology Ceremony on 28th Aug. Yizhibo on-line cumulative viewing number reach more than 68 million times, the highest online viewing number is 6.1 million people.

TF boys( The Fighting boys) was founded by Karry Wang, Roy Wang and Jackson Yee in 2013.

The group has achieved:

1, 2014---Mainland China's Most Popular Singer Award, Most Popular Group Award, Golden Melody Award Of The Year.

2, 2015---The Most Popular Group of Mandarin, Most Popular Mainland Group Of The Year, Most Popular Song Of The Year.

3, 2016---CCTV Spring Festival Gala, The Most Popular Mandarin Group, Most Popular Group Award.

4, 2017---CCTV Spring Festival Gala......

Yixia Technology, the most fast-growing and leading Video Multimedia Internet Company which founded in 2011. It has 5 video services: Miaopai, Xiaokaxiu, Yizhibo, Vitamio and Vplayer are changing our entertainment and life. TF boys will act as TFO (The Future Officer) in Yixia.

Yixia Technology invited Smile( Jia Nailiang) as CCO in May 2016, and Zanilia( Zhao Liying) as vice president in December 2016. Nearly half entertainment circles are involved with Yixia.

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