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PU Leather Badge Holder Design Story

G2 Luxury PU Badge Holder Design Road

Why people like PU? The answer is you can get the luxury good looking but not to kill animals. So PU is widely used in bags, shoes, and mobile phone or pad accessories. The old design of PU badge holder is always open face that caused your cards easily get dirt and contamination.

Carddress design the PU leather with hot melt adhesive bonding process, breaking the limitations of the current suture process, to create a very simple appearance. Especially the very elegant suture line at backside is the only access for card. The front lens is made by PC injection which broke through weak PU cover window material. Not only is high quality window, but also is the entire support skeleton for badge holder. More important, the clear PC lens could be used either on PU cover or Silicone cover. It achieved one design two products.

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