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How To Choose Cardressᴿ ID Badge Holders


If you are having trouble sorting through the many badge holders we offer on our website, we have the suggestions.
1. One card or two card of badge holder? One card( G1, G2); Two card( G3, G4)
2. Single face or double face of badge holders? Single face( G2, G3); Double face( G1, G4)
3. Horizontal or vertical? Horizontal( G1, G2, G3, G4); Vertical( G1, G4)

The next important requirement is the height and width of the badge holder needed to fit your badge size. All Carddress badge holder insert size is 2.13"*3.38" (54*86mm). After matching your height and width requirements, then you could choose which holder clip suitable for you, either fix or retractable. And after that the last selection is lanyards. All the lanyards from B1 to B4 are universal to our holder clips and badge holder except RC1( round cord) which is only used for C2 safety breakaway clip.

If you have any questions about badge holders or if you’re not able to find a particular badge holder on carddress.com, simply contact our online service or leave message to kofain@cardress.com. We will gladly help you find the items you need!

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