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Carddress Design Concept

Carddress Design---Design for Occupation

The very beginning mind itself is the most accomplished mind of true enlightenment.

Occupation means dedicated, love and professional; otherwise it cannot be named as a professional person. Design for occupation is born for the professional person; we can also be called occupation designers. What we are pursuing is the dedication of the very beginning mind itself even if no one is interested temporarily; we will keep pursuing perfection. Behind the occupation is also a down-to-earth attitude of life, we will not produce products are dislike by ourselves. Each generation of products is more or less to solve some practical problems or our products is born for nothing.

We like to concern the category in our own life encountered in the troubles, and repeated reflection in the inspiration, and thus it is possible to realize the result from these carefully thought. The first series of products is our daily work accompanied by the ID badge. With repeated exploration and verification every time, we will come up with a new generation product. We will continue to launch other series of products, kindly please pay attention to us.

We sincerely appreciate for every professional person that use and identify our Carddress series of products.

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