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ID Badge Holder
Which Badge Holders Best Suit For Your Company 2018-07-19 19:13:59
Q. What type of badge holder and accessories would you recommend?
A. Depending on the industry, certain standards and regulations apply for proper identification (ID). In this guide, we’ll give a brief description of what some industries like schools and business corporations prefer.

For Private and Public Schools
We always recommend our breakaway lanyards that detach in the back just in case it gets caught on something. These breakaways will prevent accidental choking. One of the more popular badge accessories is the adjustable breakaway lanyard. The breakaway lanyard can adjust in length from from 350mm to 380mm long, It can be tailored to your school colors to enhance school pride.

Note: To know more about customizing your lanyards from Cardress, visit our webpage to learn how to design your own.

For Business Corporations
There aren’t usually too many regulations or restrictions for business corporations and non-profits in the way of IDs. Because of this, the selection of badge holders and IDs are plentiful and businesses can be as creative as they wish when supplying their personnel with ID badges and accessories.
However, it seems that the standard credit card size ID badges tend to be the most preferred in this industry. Whether you just need your badge holder to secure one ID card or two, the Hard Sealed 2-Card Holder (G4) is firm enough to keep ID cards from bending or folding.

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