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ID Badge Holder
What A Fantastic Clear Plastic ID Holders 2017-12-14 11:09:32

Cardress: The Manufacture And Original Designer

Cardress is the world-class design and manufacture for clear plastic ID badges since 2013, which has supplied businesses and organizations from Fortune 500 companies to Oil Companies, Banks, Communications Corporation, Insurance companies, Construction Companies, Real Estate Companies, and Internet Companies.

The Advantage Of Clear Badge Holders

Do you like OLED or LCD TV? Most of us will choose OLED because it’s more high definition resolution. Cardress makes the similar design of smart phone with sealed clear lens. There is no dirt no water no fingerprint will contaminate your ID Card, and your ID will show very clearly to those who will see you. Why not to purchase Clear ID Badge Holder? We have two options.

1. Premium One Card Waterproof Plastic ID Badge Holder

Sealed by 3M adhesive tape, Cardress G1 first generation ID holder resists IP66. It has either vertical or horizontal orientation. You can open the back cover like you open your feature phone; insert your ID card like to insert battery, simple and safety.

2. Hard-wearing Clear Two-Card Badge Holder

If you’re looking for something has the capacity to hold more than one card, then G4 badge holder is the choice for you. This clear hard plastic cardholder securely holds two credit cards size. Employees can store their ID badge on front side and their access card on the back side. If you like double side face ID badge, we can offer front clear and back clear for you. Here is the link; feel free to contact us online or mail us.

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