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ID Badge Holder
The Difference Between Cardress Badge Unit And Others 2018-09-07 14:26:32

There are hundreds of badge units in the market seem as though they’ll serve the same purpose. In general, it does, but each one will offer a feature that the other doesn’t have, which is why you have the option of choosing different. Before you can come to such a decision, you’ll need to have a better understanding of Cardress and others.

Badge Holders

Difference by material: vinyl, aluminum, leather, PP, plastic

Difference by insert: zipper-top, open-face, slot, assemble

Difference by activity: indoor, outdoor, waterproof

Difference by usage: disposable, short-term, long term

Difference by quality: low, high, premium

Difference by visualization: open-face, transparent, clear

Difference by hardness: soft, rigid, hard

Difference by customization: standard, customized

Why Cardress use plastic material? Plastic is common used in almost all electronic products. It is not too soft as vinyl, not too rigid as aluminum. Quality could be better controlled compare to leather.

Why Cardress badge holder can be re-assembled? Zipper-top is only applied for soft material, and it looks poor appearance. While open-face and slot both have the issue of dirt dust and water contamination. So we designed the badge holder back cover as mobile phone battery cover function.

Why Cardress Badge Holder is dustproof? After using for a while, the dirt will sneak into badge holder and accumulated. Finally you have to through it. What we design is keep the dust away.

Why Cardress design long term and premium product? Either disposable or short-term is pollution to the earth, to extend the life time using, we design for high quality with longer life time.

Why Cardress badge holder is clear? Open-face is risk for dust, water and any contamination; transparent is hard to see clearly from outside especially for visitors; clear is the best way as you always what mobile phone and TV as clear as possible.

Last, to the best marketing your brand, we support you to customize your own logo on badge holder.


Difference by material: leather, silicone, nylon, polyester

Difference by shape: irregular, round, flat

Difference by print: solid color, one side print, two side print

Difference by clip: hook, buckle, clip

Difference by customization: standard, customized

Why Cardress choose polyester material? It is the best material for customization product with various print requirements; it is more suitable for office people.

Why Cardress design Plastic Badge Clip? The old badge clip has too many joints complicated and ugly. And this design will cause lanyard twist or flip up. To have a certain angle for lanyard movement, Cardress designed the patent badge clip which always keep badge holder always forward and no twist.

If you’re interested in Cardress design style, contact us today via wechat or whatsapp +86 13632882766, or kofain@cardress.com

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