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The Aim Of Wearing A Badge Card 2018-11-04 17:43:04
Correct wearing of the badge can further establish a good corporate image, cultivate a good work style, deepen the standardized management of the enterprise, earnestly strengthen the self-discipline of employees, and enhance their sense of honor. Implementing the system of wearing badge on duty is conducive to strengthening standardized management, accepting discipline supervision consciously and pushing all work to a new level. 

Wearing badges during working hours is an important indicator for identifying company employees. The name of the department, the name of the employee, the employee number, and the photo of the employee himself are printed on the badge. Wearing badges during working hours is to remind employees to cherish the sense of collective honor, to pay attention to their own image, to start from their own, to start from the small things around them, to be a norm of behavior, language civilization, positive and disciplined. Enterprise employees.

Many employees said that although the badge is small, it can enhance the self-discipline of each employee, truly reflects the cohesiveness and centripetal force of the enterprise, and truly reflects the standardized management of the enterprise and promotes the construction of corporate spiritual civilization.

The badge is a display of the company's brand image and is a manifestation of personal temperament. Customize your badge and make your own badge according to your company's needs with Cardress today.

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