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A good horse with a good saddle, and a good boat with a good sail; in fact, many high-end companies have cooperated with Cardress. Such as in the region of internet, e-commerce, finance, real estate, technology, logistics, new energy, manufacturing, chain stores, etc.

The corporate culture is formed under subtle influence. If you want to improve your corporate image, you can iteratively upgrade and consider the Cardress solutions.

Stripe, a San Francisco-based fintech company, has raised $600 million in its latest round of financing, and its valuation has soared to $95 billion, making it the third most valuable startup in the world and the first in the United States. The top two are ByteDance and Ant Group. Cardress worked with Stripe, ByteDance and Ant Group to boost the corporate culture. Black or white badge holder, it's up to you.

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