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Selection Of Work Cards, Mainly Depends On Material! 2018-11-08 10:41:48
From the first day of employment, every day we spend 8+ hours working with us, it is the badge that we get along with each other. It seems that the importance of purchasing a work card is comparable to choosing a partner! Today, let's talk about the small but very important thing in the enterprise of choosing and purchasing a badge. 

Regardless of the face score or the temperament, the good work card actually depends on the material!

Why saying this? Because the design of the work card is not complicated, the selection of different materials and the handling of details are particularly important for highlighting the texture. The more popular materials are mainly plastic. In the big family of plastics, PVC, PP, ABS+PC are the most common. 

Let's start with PVC.

At present, there are only two kinds of PVC card, one is soft card set (left), the other is always PVC card form (right). Both of them are made of PVC material. 

Advantage: the price is very cheap, and customization is convenient. They can be used only by printing. 

Disadvantage: 1, PVC material is relatively resistant to high temperature, only 81 degrees heat, high temperature prone to harmful substances. 2, long time use is easy to age, harden and brittle. 

PP has a common melting point of up to 167 °C, and PP plastic boxes are also considered to be the only ones that can be safely placed in a microwave oven.

Advantage: PP durability, scratch resistance and scratch resistance are significantly higher than PVC work cards, and the shape and texture are also more diverse, such as matte texture, translucent texture. Cost-effective is also one of the advantages that cannot be ignored. Depending on the workmanship and design, PP badges range in price from 0.3USD to 2USD.
Disadvantage: it becomes brittle at low temperature, not wearable and easy to age. In addition, PP has a distinction between new materials and recycled materials. Please pay attention to the material description when purchasing. 

PC/ABS, Polycarbonate and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymers and mixtures combine the excellent properties of both materials, the formability of ABS materials and the toughness of PC. 

Advantage: you can customize the corporate logo by opening the mold, and ensure a high degree of exquisiteness and exquisiteness, without burrs and flash. 
Disadvantage: the price is slightly higher than other materials. However, with its excellent texture and durability, it has won the favor of many companies. 

Generally speaking, all kinds of materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Enterprises can choose according to their own needs. Learn more about custom information and well-known enterprise custom cases. http://www.cardress.com

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