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Say “NO” To Metal Hook, Metal Clip And Metal Ring in Lanyards 2017-10-16 10:55:04

Metal hook, metal clip and metal ring had existed in lanyard for dozens years which never change. Is there a good way to replace metal hook, metal clip and ring? The answer is “yes”.

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Why To Change?

After analyzing current badge clips that commonly used today, the fixed way normally is suture, plastic, metal buckle and metal rivets. But there are several pain points: 1, Lanyard with metal clip is scissors-and-paste which is lack of overall design and easy to rust and dirty shirt. 2, the fixed way of lanyard cannot move which caused not close fitting and easily twist. 3, lanyard joints exposed outside, it looks poor personal appearance for company, government and education. 4, easy to rotate the clip, resulting in the Vertical Plastic Badge Holder flip always. 5, metal hook( trigger hook, swivel hook, carabiner hook, oval hook and lobster hook), split ring and metal clip( bulldog clip, metal buckle, metal clap) are made by nickle-plated steel which is harmful for human being and heavy metal pollution for environment. And what’s more it is wasted and non-recycle.

How To Change?

The first thing to be solved is to hide lanyard joint. We have to design a space to cover lanyard joint at the upper part of the Lanyard Safety Breakaway Clip. Secondly we need to solve the random flip and the overall design at the lower part of the clip. So a new hidden hanging clip to achieve minimalist overall design style is come out. In addition, the product should be easy to manufacture, practical and durable, so we decided not to use the metal materials. As well as lanyard cannot be free to move after fixing that caused twist problem. So we design a new fixed way that make sure lanyard can move freely and can open a certain angle without twist. Gradually a new and innovative way to fix the lanyard was brain out.

Carddress badge clip has 4 generations: C1 badge clip, C2 safe lock badge clip, C3 Retractable Badge Clip and C4 badge clip. Welcome to visit home page www.carddress.com to see more design story on badge clip and feel free to contact us if you need any information.

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