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Round Breakaway Lanyards: All For Safety 2017-10-16 10:55:54

Carddress Round Breakaway Lanyards: All For Safety

If you’re looking for simplicity and safety, then the Round Breakaway Lanyard should be one of the options to consider when it comes to selecting proper badge identification (ID) holder.

The round lanyard is 0.17’’ (4.5mm) in diameter, so it doesn’t have room for any type of customized lettering. The Round Cord Lanyard weaving may also fit more comfortably around the neck for people who aren’t especially keen on wearing jewelry.

With Carddress, you can get these lanyards in a variety of colors: red/black/light blue/dark blue/green.

The Absolute Best Feature About Breakaway Lanyards

Perhaps the best feature for Safety Breakaway Lanyards is that it is built with C2 safety breakaway clip and a safety breakaway feature that allows the lanyard to detach with enough pull force. This is perfect for anyone needing to work with his or her hands or operating machinery. The breakaway feature will work as a fail-safe mechanism for detaching from the operator in case it gets caught or snagged on to something. As a result, this breakaway feature will prevent any choking accidents. The C2 safety breakaway clip is applicable to any Badge holder or ID with a manufactured slot hole.

Carddress offers the Round Breakaway Lanyard with safety breakaway clip and G2 badge holder as perfect unit. For most of these options, no minimum order is required. If you prefer to speak to us, then call 86-755-84535906, or mail us to kofain@cardress.com. We look forward to speaking to you!

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