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ID Badge Holder
Manufacturer Of Custom Badges 2018-11-07 09:16:32
A badge, is a card that shows the identity of a job. The badge is mostly 20-30mm which shows the company name, company LOGO, employee name, number, position, department and corporate image. Because the size of the badge is relatively small, the above content is generally abbreviated. The badge is suitable for companies, organizations and various promotional activities in various industries. Therefore, the customization of the badge is popular.

The badges can be divided into many types according to their different materials. Cardress is a manufacturer of Professional Office Supplies, and has rich experience in designing and manufacturing badges.

High-end badges are the demand of office staffs, and the choice of white-collar workers is a good display of corporate brand image. The choice of badges for enterprises needs to be expressive or persuasive, and it can fully and accurately display the brand concept. The selected badges should have stronger consistency with the overall promotion of the company.

Cardress is the platform with 5 years’ experience on custom badge and lanyard, we only supply the best solution for our clients, find more on customization process here.

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