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How Lanyards Brand Your Company 2018-07-22 16:29:49
If everyone comes to you and say” hi, my name is”, it wouldn’t take a few minutes that you remember the name. It is a trouble for those business occasion to keep in mind others name. But what if you wear your ID Badge with professional lanyard? Everybody will notice you and see your name from your badge holder.
What Can Lanyards Be Used For?
Lanyards give ID badge visibility. Lanyards provide easy accessibility and make it easy for other employees to identify one another. That is essential for corporations with a high volume of employees.
Here are some examples of businesses and events that could use lanyards to help brand their organization.
Student IDs – School will have a better way of keeping track of their students on and off their activity with lanyards. They can also show their school spirit with lanyards that match their school colors.

Teacher and Staff – Instantly distinguish the teachers and staff from one another, and even the students by color coordinating lanyards for teachers and administrators.


Events can especially benefit from lanyards. There are so many hands involved in such a huge event, that it is oftentimes mandatory to require visibility of proper identification. Coordinating departments with certain colors helps distinguish one from the other.

There are many other organizations like government employees, bank staff and more that can benefit from colored lanyards. In addition to the variety of colors, there are two main kinds of lanyards available:
The Breakaway Lanyard. This particular kind of lanyard includes a plastic detachable clip that can snap back on for ease and convenience.
The Non-Breakaway Lanyard. It has a plastic badge clip to match with any standard badge holder.

Where to Get Your Lanyards for the Best Quality
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