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How G4X ID Badge Was Born 2019-01-02 11:07:57
If you had the chance to read Cardress blog, you might know that each new badge holder is the revolution for last generation. For instance, G4 is the revolution for G3 because it can be double side clear and two orientations. But what is G4X? Is it same as G4? What’s the difference? Here is the story.

Back to last year 2018, our key account Alibaba group talked to Cardress. Can you make the ID Card bigger or the badge holder frame smaller? Because ID Card 85.6*54mm has limit size for employee photo, and the G4 badge holder has 7mm frame, why not to decrease the frame? We had to explain that first of all the ID card size is universal, it will waste money to develop a large IC card just for ID information. Secondly, the white frame is actually printed only for shading the inner structure, it is a clear plastic lens that printed white ink. So, we have an adventurous idea, why not print ID information on the clear lens.

After tens of trials, the final solution successes. UV print-> silkscreen->CNC->cleaning->lamination. A G4X same structure size as G4, but full-size ID card print technology. It is either a badge holder or an ID photo. Since the photo was printed on backside lens, it can wear resistant and waterproof. What you need more is only any type of blank IC card for clock in, entrance access, pay for meal or transportation.

Sounds great? This frameless ID Card will be popular all over the world in 2019, If you want to know more about it, click www.carddress.com/full-screen-id-card-photo-print-badge-holder_p43.html for more details, or call +86-13632882766 for consultation, we are honor to assist you make your respected company fashion and professional!

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