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ID Badge Holder
From ID Badge Holder To Assess A Company Profitable Or Not 2017-12-13 16:52:00

Recently our team made an analysis on our customers we found an interesting thing. In generally speaking (NOT IN ALL CASES), a company in good condition will choose the original and Patent Designed ID Badge Holder and lanyard for their employees regardless the price. While a badly run or general companies look for the cheap or economic badge holder for their staffs.

We had talked to friends in Txx a world famous company which has 80,000 employees in Shenzhen, the budget from Txx is 2.0CNY (0.3USD) for badge holder with lanyard. 0.3USD is a bottle of water in supermarket. But the employees have to wear a bottle of water value badge holder in more than 250 days a year or last for many years. The same situation occurred in Bxx which has 200,000 employees in Shenzhen as well. Their employees wear the assigned badge holder with lanyard value less than 0.15USD. We respect these companies as we were one of them previously, we devote our youth in these companies and proud to be part of it. But the fact is even though they have large number employees, the business status is not good as they should be. I want to say please forget 0.3USD budget, talent is priceless. Your employees reserve the best value products and service.

Why not to source the more comfortable, more innovative and more remarkable ID badge holder for your employees? The companies who have good profit give us the answer. Such as Fortune 500 Oil Companies, Banks, Communications Corporation, Insurance companies, Construction Companies, Real Estate Companies, and Internet Companies. And some small-medium companies they strongly take care corporate image. When we saw their profit number we were shocked by their less people create great jobs! We appreciate our customers’ trust on original design small companies like us.

So my dear friends, when you attend interview if see people wear good design badge holder, please do not hesitate to join in them, you are in the good future. We are also grateful if you can consider Carddress as your future job. Because we not only design and supply High-end Custom Badge Holder and Personalized Lanyard, but also to help our customers to be more professional and profitable. Welcome to contact us via www.carddress.com.

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