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Fashion Lanyard Recommended 2019-01-02 09:20:32
When choosing a badge holder, many companies more concerned with the material and craft, and rarely pay attention to the lanyard. Look at the quality from the details, the small lanyard can also see your intentions to the company, the small lanyard can also reflect the quality of the badge holder, how to choose the lanyard, listen to Cardress to popularize it!

Fashion custom wide lanyard

Wide lanyards are generally made of polyester material, which is widely suitable for all places. The custom process of lanyard is generally double-sided transfer print. The connection between lanyard and badge is designed to be snap-on. The advantage of wide lanyard is that the custom area is wide. It is also more comfortable to wear on the neck. The disadvantage is that it is easy dirty for a long time, but it is washable.

Fashion custom round lanyard

The round lanyard is more suitable for workplace work. The material of the round lanyard is Nylon. The connection with the badge is snap. The advantage of the round lanyard is that it is lighter and simpler. The disadvantage is that it cannot be customized for your own company logo.

Cardress is a creative products e-commerce service platform, providing high-quality one-stop cultural solutions for upstream and downstream enterprises. Since its establishment, Cardress has served for the world's fortune 500 companies including Alibaba, China Mobile, Volkswagen. In the Cardress Badge Custom Channel, you can choose the badge that matches your corporate brand image. A stylish lanyard can give the badge a different effect, so choosing a suitable lanyard is important.

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