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ID Badge Holder
Durable Badge Holders for Employees in Mobile Payment Companies 2018-07-18 15:21:26

When looking for the perfect badge holder, you need something that doesn’t bend easily and can withstand wear and tear from being used frequently. For those who work in outdoor working conditions, a sealed photo identification holder that doesn’t require frequent replacing, is sturdy and safe is beneficial on many levels.

Cardress G3 badge holder are very popular for mobile payment companies like ANT FINANCIAL, DANA and Mynt. You can insert your ID card frequently but always keeping sealed, it can protect your ID card from bending, contamination and invalid. It is significant that you can be recognized by your badge holder with your own logo print. Besides this, the badge clip and lanyard are customizable also, we provide free design and total solution for your corporation culture identification.

At Cardress , we know what hard work takes. We’re the manufacture of the best badge holders and lanyard accessories. We have rich experience working in the badge industry for customized service. If you need a badge holder that’s perfect for you and meets your professional needs feel free to write to us kofain@cardress.com.

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