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Cardress Business Story 2017-12-26 17:12:44

Background story: Amy is a CEO of an internet company. Caroline is Amy's assistant. Wayne is Amy's boss. Cleo is Amy's potential cooperative partner. Effy is a senior executive of an IT company, who works in the same building with Cleo. Effy and Cleo used to be lovers and they had not met with each other for many years after the break up.

Chapter one: Necklace No More

Amy is going to attend an important signing ceremony next week. She is worrying about necklace with suits. There are various necklaces on the dresser. Amy picks up and puts down one by one, shakes her head without satisfaction. Amy picks up the phone and calls Caroline to find the best business dress accessories. Seven days later, In front of the dresser, Amy wears the Cardress Badge Lanyard and locks the necklace in the jewelry cabinet, saying "Bye-bye necklace."

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Chapter two: Not Only Waterproof

Amy leaves home and arrives at her office. Caroline prepares a cup of coffee for her. Amy opens the computer screen wall; takes down the badge lanyard and puts on her phone. Amy begins looking at the screen as well as drinking coffee. At this moment, the cell phone rings and Amy accidentally knocks over the coffee while answering the call. Coffee spills on the Cardress Waterproof ID Card Holder lanyard and phone. Amy hurriedly pulls out the paper towel to wipe the phone and answering “OK, I will attend the ceremony and I like clear". In the meantime Amy is wiping Cardress badge lanyard.

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Chapter three: Protect Your Privacy

Screen one: Effy is wearing ordinary non-retractable badge lanyard, bending over to scan her access card while meeting with Cleo team in the entrance. (Effy and Cleo used to be lovers) Two people four eyes, a multitude of feelings surges up. Cleo's eyes happen to fall on Effy's bust (Note: female needs to bend over to scan access card, bust wardrobe malfunction occasionally). Effy is so embarrassed and ask Cleo how he was in those years. Cleo says "Effy, you are still hot!" Effy immediately becomes blush. Cleo is attending a signing ceremony right now, leaves his phone number and hurries off. Effy stands by staring blankly, lost in thought when she sees Wayne, Amy and Caroline team passing the entrance to attend the signing ceremony with Cleo. Effy looks at Amy’s Vertical Retractable Badge Holder lanyards, smiles and nods with confidence.

Screen two (seven days later), Effy is wearing Cardress badge lanyard, walking confidently and scans her access card to the office building. She runs into Cleo once again. At this time, Cleo's eyes falls on Effy's hands. Effy smiles, passes through the entrance and says to Cleo, "do you still like my hands?" Cleo is surprised at Effy's badge and his own new badge, confidently answering "yes, if we can have a drink tonight." They smile warmly; embrace each other and go far away.

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Chapter four: Your Tie In Career

At the signing ceremony, Cleo led his team wearing suit, with manly and energetic face. At this time, Wayne, Amy and Caroline come in succession, each of them wearing a suit with printed brand identity Cardress badge lanyard. Cleo’s team is all attracted by their badge lanyards. After shaking hands, signing agreement and taking photo. Cleo tells his assistant "customize our own branded tie tomorrow".

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Happy ending “different industries, different stories, same Cardress”! Cardress, Make Professional!

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