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ID Badge Holder
Carddress Tailor-made and Customized Service On ID Badge Holder and Lanyard 2017-10-16 10:55:37

For most businesses, making sure that all of your employees are wearing proper identification is a key. It’s a great tool for accountability, it boost morale as fellow employees will be able to easily address their co-workers by name. And it’s just safe! So, if you’re going to have employees wear ID badges, why not provide them with a Personalized Lanyard And Badge Holder with your company logo printed on it? Having a personalized lanyard and badge holder with your company logo will only bring more attention to your business. The most common type of ID name badge comes with a pin that employees can attach to their clothing that is usually displayed on the upper right or left chest. This can typically get blocked if the employee is carrying or transporting something. With a branded lanyard, people will be able to identify whether or not that person is an actual employee without having to see the ID name badge.

Carddress not only provide standard ID badge holder with lanyard, but also do tailor-made and customized service.

Tailor-made---we are specialized on design and quality. With 13 years Industry Design and mechanical design experience in mobile phone (Nokia &TCL) and automotive (Denza). We could fulfillment with most customer demands from design to manufacture. If you don’t like the current badge holder and lanyard, we could tailor for your requirement.

Customize Your Lanyard and Badge Holder with Carddress

With Carddress, a ID badge holder and Full Color Polyester Lanyards manufacture in China, you have the option of personalizing your lanyard and badge holder. You’ll be requested to input information as ai/cdr format and transparent background PSD format of logo artwork and pantone code of your company’s logo and select the spacing, whether you want the positioning of your logo symmetrical, or if you want the logo printed on both sides of the lanyard or just one. You’ll also be able to select the imprint options as full color polyester or 3 colors on badge holder and packing paper.

How Soon You Can Get Your Lanyards and Badge Holder

Customized lanyards and badge holder take approximately 7 days to process. There is no minimum order is required for personalized items. You’ll also be able to select what type of holder clip you want to Plastic Badge Holder Clip on to a badge ID. Select from a C1, C2, C4 holder clip, C3 retractable clip or NC1 neck cord safety lock clip.

Start designing your own personalized lanyard and badge holder here. You can also contact our service to help you get the process started from kofain@cardress.com; You can view our “Customized process” in website www.carddress.com. We are happy to receive your inquiry and make you satisfy with our service.

Customized Badge Holders And Lanyards

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