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ID Badge Holder
Badge Style And Badge Material In Customization 2018-11-06 09:50:47
The customization of ID badge can be divided into employee cards, membership cards, visiting cards, representative cards, VIP cards, work cards, student cards, etc. A small badge, a great connotation culture, it is not only an identity of the employee when facing the customer in the unit, but also a signing product that directly displays the corporate image and enhances the corporate culture. With continuous rapid development and advances in technology, the current badges have been improved more in terms of craftsmanship and material styling, making them more human, visual and visually beautiful. Enables companies to make the best use of their badges, save office resources, and highlight the corporate style.

Badge Style

Corporate badge customization can be customized according to the needs. The general style has a horizontal badge, a vertical badge, and different styles have different sizes. The company can customize the style of the badge and the corresponding size according to specific needs.

Badge Material

In addition to the style, the badge can be divided into many materials, the general material is PC/ABS, PP, PU, Silicone. Different materials can be customized with different processes, so the effects are different, so companies can choose specific materials and corresponding custom processes according to budget, quantity, use occasions and people who wear them.

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