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ID Badge Holder
Advantage Of Customized Badges 2018-11-04 17:35:34
The badge is the company's brand. Customizing your own badge can enhance your sense of ownership and enhance your sense of honor. Therefore, looking for a quality supplier, it is essential to customize the exclusive badge. Cardress is China's largest brand for ID Badge customization platform. We advocate using our platform to build your brand, high-end custom all kinds of badges.

The customized badge of our platform has the following characteristics:

1, A variety of materials, focusing on quality
According to customer requirements, the selection of the best raw materials is our minimum requirement. There are many choices of materials, such as PU leather, also known as microfiber leather, the full name is "microfiber reinforced leather." Microfiber leather, a newly developed high-grade leather in synthetic leather, belongs to the new type of leather. 

2, Various colors, fashion choices

Wear your own badge and speak for yourself. Blue, violet, white, gray and other colors are available to help increase vitality, relieve stress and improve work efficiency. Choose a badge holder that is similar to the corporate logo, significantly enhance the corporate image, highlight the company's grade and strength, and deepen the customer's impression.

3, Pay attention to details and pursue perfection.

The clip is strong, the surface is smooth and durable, stylish and beautiful, and the opening and closing life is long. The internal space is big enough to put two cards according to your choice.

Cardress is a professional platform, which can meet the various requirements of your badge customization. We provide customized services with quality assurance, buy the more and the more discounts, please consult the customer service hotline 86-13632882766.  

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