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Who is Cardress? Based in Shenzhen China, Cardress is proud to be a leading brand in design and custom professional office products. We design and offer innovative high-end custom ID badge holder and customized lanyards, reliable service to all of our customers from local organizations to Fortune 500 companies. Cardress stands for unique, professional, fashion and confidence. The design concept “design for life” is our mission that to create smart, humanized, environment-friendly and energy saving state-of-the-art products. Corporate Vision One-stop solution provider for corporate culture visualization. Corporate Mission With our original design to resolve the pain points and utilize recycle and earth friendly material to make energy saving. Meanwhile integrated all intelligent resources to help customers improve ability and performance in corporate culture. Corporate Philosophy Freedom & Democracy; Equal & Openness; Competition & Innovation; Quality & Service; Cooperate & Win.

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  • Three Squirrels' Story-13 Minutes 100 Million Sales 2017-11-13
    Three Squirrels' Story-13 Minutes 100 Million Sale...

    When we talk about Three Squirrels, you may think of nut. Yes, it is a nut brand. Nowadays, it is popular and famous in China just like McDonald and KFC in US. Back to 16 Feb 2012, 5 team members created Three Squirrels, less than one year it become the top 1 internet sales with 22 million. After th...

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  • Happy 18 Years Birthday To Alibaba Group 2017-09-09
    Happy 18 Years Birthday To Alibaba Group

    On 8th September night, 40,000 Alibaba people celebrated its 18 years birthday in Hangzhou Stadium. It took 18 years to rank in Fortune 500 and employees started from 18 to 54,421( till 7th Sep. 2017) not including its branch company. Last night is the most pleasure and happy moment for Al...

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  • TF Boys, Yixia Technology and Cardress 2017-09-06
    TF Boys, Yixia Technology and Cardress

    We are here honor to announce that TF boys the most popular teenage idol in China wore cardress G3 badge holder attended Yixia Technology Ceremony on 28th Aug. Yizhibo on-line cumulative viewing number reach more than 68 million times, the highest online viewing number is 6.1 million people. TF...

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